We have been thinking…..

and pondering and sharing ideas.

Our last meet up was on Sunday 7th. It was full of natter and admiration of each others works-in-progress.

One idea, put forward by our lovely crosstitcher Mary,Ā  is that our group attend the Cappamore Show and possibly enter some of our pieces in the Craft section of the show.

Regardless of whether we enter anything, we think that it would be lovely to make a day trip to it.

The Cappamore Show will be on Saturday, 17th August. That gives us plenty of time to organise ourselves.

Please get in contact with us via our email, limericksnb AT gmail DOT com, if you would be interested in coming with us.


Our next idea involves a residential craft weekend.

We’ve been chatting about it on our Facebook page.

The idea is that we would block book a B&B and pool our resources.

Some people want to learn how to make socks.

We have a crafter for that!

Some people want to learn how to crochet.

We have crafters for that!

The lovely Edell has offered to teach us about socks and is willing to show us some drop spindling.

Lou can get people started with crochet.

Theresa has offered to demonstrate chicken scratch embroidery.

We even have a fan of our Facebook page willing to travel from Germany to take part!

So, questions that remain to be answered :

  • Should we have the residential weekend in a Limerick City B&B?
  • Should we head elsewhere?
  • When should we arrange the residential weekend for?

Answers via email to limericksnb AT gmail DOT com šŸ™‚

Our next meet up is on Sunday, April 20th from approximately 2pm to 5pm.



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