Cross Stitch Demo in Hickey’s Limerick

Mary O’Donnell did Limerick Stitch’n’Bitch proud on Saturday during our inaugural craft demo.

Mary worked up a sample cross stitch kit in advance of the day. She also brought along her own recently completed work.

Isn’t it cute? 🙂

The demo in Hickey’s Crusises street store ran from 10am until 12pm. This was followed by a second cross stitch demo in Hickey’s Parkway store.

Mary said that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

The people who stopped at her table were treated to a display of cross stitch kits of different types and levels of difficulty.

Thanks to Mary’s advance preparation people were also able to take a piece of aida, embroidery thread and needle and create their very own cross stitch duck.

Our next demo is due to be on Saturday, 6th July. We’ll follow the same timetable with a demo in the Cruises street store in the morning followed by a demo in the Parkway store in the afternoon.

We got a mention in the paper!

The only itsy bitsy mistake in it is they say we meet every Sunday, but as you know, we meet every 2nd Sunday.

The next craft area to be focused on will be knitting. We’ll have more on that a bit closer to the time

Thanks to Mary promoting our group, we had another cross stitcher join our group on Sunday.

Liz brought in her current work-in-progress.

Sweet, isn’t it?

It’s lovely to see craft diversity in the group.

Our other new member Kay brought in this lovely fellow to show us. Isn’t he darling?

His bed turns into a bag.

Mary, who joined us a month ago, has started to knit and she’s doing very well indeed.

It was lovely to have Edell’s spinning wheel whirling in the corner. It piqued some of the patron’s interest.

We were joined by a lovely little girl who tried her hand at spinning and also showed interest in everyone’s works-in-progress. She was a charming addition to our group. We let her dad know that we meet in Zest every 2nd Sunday and would be delighted to show his daughter how to craft. We would also be delighted to share our skillsets with him too.

I think we’re all caught up now.

Killaloe World Wide Knit in Public Day is on Saturday, 15th June. It’s going to be in the vicinity of the library.

Happy crafting folks!