Our 2nd Meet up of 2014

Five of us met up in the Hunt Museum Cafe.

Mary's colourful cross stitch threads

Mary’s colourful cross stitch threads


Mary cross stitching away

Mary cross stitching away


Edell has another Puerperium cardigan on the go. She's using FAB DK yarn

Edell has another Puerperium cardigan on the go. She’s using FAB DK yarn



Lou finally sewed buttons onto two completed Puerperium cardigans.

Lou finally sewed buttons onto two completed Puerperium cardigans.

Next week, Sunday 26th January, we will be in Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Square from 2pm until 5pm.

Now, we may not be there at 2pm sharp. If you don’t see us, just get yourself a lovely cuppa, settle yourself in a chair and you’ll see our lot drift in and proceed to take out our crafty notions. Just be patient with us, okay? Ours is a relaxed group and Sunday is a chilled out day.

Now, the staff in the venues that we meet up in don’t always realise that we’re there. Zest cafe can be busy and depending on the staff member, they may be new or not generally work on a Sunday, so they may not know who to point you towards.

With the Hunt Cafe, their management know that we’ll be there, but the Hunt Museum reception/shop staff are different and may not realise that we’re downstairs. Someone rang the Hunt museum shop/reception and asked after our group. The poor staff member looked in the event book and didn’t see our name (as we don’t book a room we just use the cafe) and told the person enquiring that there was no such group. This isn’t the staff members fault. The poor guy just didn’t know.

So, just to clarify, when our blog and our facebook page state that we’ll be in the Hunt Cafe or Zest on a particular Sunday, trust that we will be there on that particular Sunday. Calling the venue and asking the staff to confirm that we’re there will leave you none the wiser.

Our group numbers vary from 2 people to 12 people. It depends on the weather, the time of year, how busy people are, what else is going on in the city etc. Regardless of whether there are 2 or 20 of us, just come on over and say hi. We’ll be delighted to meet you.

If you want to make contact with us prior to coming to our group then send us an email to limericksnb AT gmail DOT com. Alternatively, send us a message on our facebook page. Either Lou or Edell will get back to you.







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