About our group

Limerick Rainbow Stitch’n’Bitch is a collective of individuals who love to craft.

It also includes those friends of ours who have no interest in craft but like the chilled out atmosphere created when people come together to create and share  peaceful space.

Our crafters span the age range, the gender range, the orientation range and include knitting geeks, crochet enthusiasts, embroidery nerds and card makers.

As the London Stitch’n’Bitch put it:

We never turn a knitter or would-be knitter away. Any one is welcome: male, female, single, hitched, sweet, bitter, straight, fruity, smooth, fluffy, mild-mannered superhero, brazen supervillian, wallflower, party animal, singing detective or small dog* – the more the merrier.

Our group now alternates our Sunday meet ups between Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square Limerick City and The Hunt Museum Cafe, Rutland Street, Limerick City.

We meet up from about 2pm until 4pm (some of us stick around until closing time). The venue is lovely and bright, wheelchair accessible and family friendly.**

As much as we really do love small dogs – and we really do 🙂 – we’ve found cafes aren’t so keen on them, so only guide dogs can come. Sorry!!


To Rainbow Support Services for providing space for our fledgling group in the early days.


5 thoughts on “About our group

  1. Hi my sister and myself would love to join this group are ye meeting up this Sunday 27th oct or Nov the 3rd we are complete beginners so any recommendation what we should bring with us to start off ! we would love to join your group Eimear 🙂

    • Hello there,

      Our group now meets up every Sunday.
      On Sunday October 27th we will be meeting in the Hunt Museum Cafe from 2pm – 5pm.
      On Sunday November 3rd we will be meeting in Zest Cafe which is located in the Limerick City Gallery of Art on Pery Square (adjoining the People’s Park).
      You don’t have to bring anything with you as we can supply you with needles and yarn to try out.

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