February 26th, 2017 at the Hunt

Today four of met up for some craft time and chatter in the cafe of the Hunt Museum.

Unfortunately, I was so busy knitting and nattering that I neglected to take any pictures of our works in progress.I’ll make up for that oversight next weekend.

Our venue for Sunday, 5th March is Zest Cafe located in the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

We’ll be there from the usual time of about 2ish to about 5 ish.


This jolly purple giant made us all smile as we made our way in. It’s part of a clean up Limerick campaign.



Hello June

How in the world is it June already? My word.

Hello. I hope you’re all fine and dandy. 🙂


First off, here is the meet up schedule for our group for the month of June.

Sunday 8th – The Hunt Cafe, Rutland Street, Limerick  from 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 15th – Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Square, Limerick from 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 22nd – The Hunt Cafe, Rutland Street, Limerick  from 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 29th – Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Square, Limerick from 2pm – 5pm


Secondly, another Hickey’s craft demonstration is planned for tomorrow, Saturday 7th June from 2pm to 4pm.

The venue is upstairs in the Cruises Street Hickeys.

The staff will set up a table with signs so you can’t miss it. Once you climb the stairs the table will be on your right hand side, nestled between bolts of fabric and shelves of crafty accessories.

Weaning, hickeys demo and such 103 Weaning, hickeys demo and such 154

The items, with free tutorial sheets, that will be looked at tomorrow include a roll up picnic blanket made with oilcloth and furnishing cotton, a floor cushion and a peg bag.

The demo will be run by me (Lou here! Hello *waves* )

See you tomorrow.


Hickey’s Craft Demonstration

Are you going to be in Limerick city today (Saturday, 17th May)?

Will you have some free time between 2pm to 4pm?

Do you fancy doing something for free?

If you do, then you might want to pop along to Hickey’s on Cruises Street to join a demonstration of quilting techniques.

You’ll see the above notions and fabric strips turned into:

  • A quilted coaster
  • An oilcloth placemat
  • A cafetiere cosy

The demonstration is being given by one of our members, Lou, in association with Hickeys.

The demo tutorial sheets are free and there’s no pressure to buy anything (but good luck resisting the temptation!).

Have a lovely Saturday whatever you get up to.

Happy crafting! 🙂


We’ve been tweeted!

You can check it out here.



Here’s are a few of our pictures of what we were making during our meet up.

Wyatt Week 4 044 Wyatt Week 4 047 Wyatt Week 4 049 Wyatt Week 4 052 Wyatt Week 4 053 Wyatt Week 4 054 Wyatt Week 4 055 Wyatt Week 4 057 Wyatt Week 4 058 Wyatt Week 4 059 Wyatt Week 4 060

Two shawls, three blankets, a scarf, a baby pullover and two cross stitch kits.

A fine variety.

We’ll be meeting up again this coming Sunday, March 9th in Zest Cafe from 2pm-ish to 5pm.

See you there!


Change of plan due to Storm Brigid

Hello all,

We had planned to meet in The Hunt Museum Cafe tomorrow. However, the area around the Hunt has been hit by flooding and navigating the roads around the area may be difficult or impossible tomorrow. So, we’re going to meet up in Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art instead. It’s on higher ground away from the Shannon so it should be okay.

We hope that you and yours are warm, dry, safe and sound in this stormy weather.


Tipperary Knit and Natter Group

Mary McDonnell is our lovely cross stitcher. She has let us know about a new group that she is running. Another group of like minded crafters to meet up with. Lovely! 🙂

Here's Mary cross stitching in Hickey's, Cruises Street, Limerick during their June cross stitching demo

Here’s Mary cross stitching in Hickey’s, Cruises Street, Limerick during their June cross stitching demo

Mary writes:

The Tipperary Knit & Natter group is a new weekly crafts gathering, taking place in Tipperary Town. We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7pm at Dalton House on Emmet Street. Its an informal gathering- we sit around, with a pot of tea and some nice biscuits, and we each work away on our own projects, such as knitted jumpers, crocheted dog jumpers etc! Some of us are learning how to crochet too, with helpful tips from those who are more experienced. We chat away and the night flies by!

New members are always welcome. Although we meet at 7pm, you can feel free to call in any time up to about 9pm when we usually pack up our needles and wool, and head away home.

You can join us on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/tippknitters


Our 2nd Meet up of 2014

Five of us met up in the Hunt Museum Cafe.

Mary's colourful cross stitch threads

Mary’s colourful cross stitch threads


Mary cross stitching away

Mary cross stitching away


Edell has another Puerperium cardigan on the go. She's using FAB DK yarn

Edell has another Puerperium cardigan on the go. She’s using FAB DK yarn



Lou finally sewed buttons onto two completed Puerperium cardigans.

Lou finally sewed buttons onto two completed Puerperium cardigans.

Next week, Sunday 26th January, we will be in Zest Cafe, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Square from 2pm until 5pm.

Now, we may not be there at 2pm sharp. If you don’t see us, just get yourself a lovely cuppa, settle yourself in a chair and you’ll see our lot drift in and proceed to take out our crafty notions. Just be patient with us, okay? Ours is a relaxed group and Sunday is a chilled out day.

Now, the staff in the venues that we meet up in don’t always realise that we’re there. Zest cafe can be busy and depending on the staff member, they may be new or not generally work on a Sunday, so they may not know who to point you towards.

With the Hunt Cafe, their management know that we’ll be there, but the Hunt Museum reception/shop staff are different and may not realise that we’re downstairs. Someone rang the Hunt museum shop/reception and asked after our group. The poor staff member looked in the event book and didn’t see our name (as we don’t book a room we just use the cafe) and told the person enquiring that there was no such group. This isn’t the staff members fault. The poor guy just didn’t know.

So, just to clarify, when our blog and our facebook page state that we’ll be in the Hunt Cafe or Zest on a particular Sunday, trust that we will be there on that particular Sunday. Calling the venue and asking the staff to confirm that we’re there will leave you none the wiser.

Our group numbers vary from 2 people to 12 people. It depends on the weather, the time of year, how busy people are, what else is going on in the city etc. Regardless of whether there are 2 or 20 of us, just come on over and say hi. We’ll be delighted to meet you.

If you want to make contact with us prior to coming to our group then send us an email to limericksnb AT gmail DOT com. Alternatively, send us a message on our facebook page. Either Lou or Edell will get back to you.