Crochet Tutorials

We were asked if we knew of resources to help people get started with crochet.

We are going to add links to lovely online resources in this post.

Please consider this post to be a work in progress.

Cherry Heart

Cherry Heart is a blog written by Sandra. She likes to crochet, sew, quilt, weave and occasionally bake.

For those of you looking for a blanket border to nicely finish off your crocheted blanket, she has shared a lovely tutorial on how to do this. Just follow this link to see it – Grannie Patches Border Tutorial

Sandra shares tutorials via Cherry Heart on a regular basis. This is a link to her tutorials page.


In Attic24, Lucy provides picture filled and clearly written tutorials for a variety of different projects. You just have to scroll down a little bit. You’ll see Patterns & Tutorials, on the left hand side, once you’ve scrolled past About Me, Amazon Links, Recent Posts, Categories and Blogs I ♥.

Lanas De Ana

This blog is bilingual with posts in both English and Spanish (I think). This is a link to her latest post  in which Ana gives step by step instructions on how to make pretty Flower Hairclips.



Learner’s Market at Thomond Park

What can we say but gosh we’ve had a great day.

Wonderfully engaged people, a variety of different ages, newcomers and old hands alike.

Craft books were read, needles and hooks were tried by first timers, yarns were handled and compared. Oh the talking, laughing, exchanging of ideas and fomenting of plans.

We need a good rest after all that exitement.

To see some pictures of the day please do take a peek at our Facebook page. If you’re not on Facebook then having a look at Lou’s blog will give you a flavour of our day.

Don’t forget that our group is meeting up tomorrow in Zest Cafe which is located in Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie House, Pery Square. We’ll be there from 2pm until 5pm.

Happy crafting to you all.


Limerick Lifelong Learning 2013 Showcase

If you have a look at you’ll spot that Lou will be at the Showcase on 23rd March ready, willing and able to chat with people about World Wide Knit in Public Day, what goes on at a Stitch’n’Bitch meet up and she’ll also show folks how to do some basics in knitting and crochet.

If things go to plan, and we sincerely hope they do, the lovely Liz should also be in attendance at the Showcase. Fingers crossed that her lovely brood will allow her the time off from parental duties to share her love of spinning and show those interested how to use one of her spinning wheels.

Lou attended a planning meeting on Monday in relation to the Showcase. A question was asked which gvae her an idea, which of course she shared out loud and then committed herself to. The idea? To yarnbomb a pillar so that posters, flyers and such can be attached to it without using adhesives.

One of the organisers has since given Lou the chance to opt out of this plan, which is nice, but some schemes just have to be attempted.

We were going to share pictures of her progress here but WordPress is refusing to upload photos.

If you’d like to see how Lou is progressing with her idea follow this link to her blog post about it.

It’s been lovely to see email from interested people about our learn and share event on 24th March in Zest Cafe, located in the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

Our event is pretty much an open invite to anyone interested in any form of portable craft. Regardless of the fact that most of our current members knit and crochet, our group is delighted to meet people who practice other types of craft.

If you’re a complete novice and would like to try your hand at knitting and/or crochet, then we’ll be delighted to show you the basics.

If you’re a proficient knitter or crocheter you may well be able to show us a thing or two!

Maybe you’re new to Limerick and would just like to make new friends? If that’s the case, then come along and say hi! Our group is a friendly one and always glad to make new friends.

LLLF 2013 logo1



Lifelong Learning Festival

LLLF 2013 logo1

Oh the fun! Our group is involved in the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival.

Come along to Thomond Park on 23rd March between 11am and 2pm to catch up with Lou at the Lifelong Learning Festival Showcase.

Lou will have veritable stack of books to peruse and will be ready, willing and able to chat with you about Limerick SnB,  how to get started in knitting and crochet, charity knitting, yarn-bombing and  getting involved in WWKIP.

The next day will find Limerick SnB at Zest cafe, our regular haunt, where you can meet other crafters, sit and sip beverages while working away on your current works-in-progress.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Come one, come all!